Tamino Dauth

Welcome to my private website on my server. This website is intended to give you some information about me, even if you do not care: There is no escape!

My name is Tamino Dauth. I am from Germany and studied Computer Science at the Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft where I got my B. Sc. in Computer Science in 2015 and my M. Sc. in Computer Science in 2017.


You are free to visit my brother's website as well.



The following list gives you an overview over projects I've created and projects I have participated but which are not necessarily my own projects:

You can also visit my GitHub profile which contains forks of my projects.


Like many other people (hopefully) I am interested in various things. The following list gives you an overview about my primary interests:


Please use my public OpenPGP key for secure communication. If you are interested in some of my projects or if you just want to ask me something, you can contact me by the following ways: