wc3lib  0.1.0
Warcraft III Library

This is the API reference and documentation of the wc3lib project. wc3lib is an abbreviation which means "Warcraft III Library".

wc3lib consists of several modules which allow strict separation of areas and a clear definition of dependencies:

wc3lib is a collection of several C++ libraries which provide an API to Blizzard's file formats of the real time strategy game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. All implementations are free and mainly under the GPLv2 license although there still is some external code which is under a different license.

The library is split up into several modules. The core modules consist of a single library which support one of Blizzard's formats. Additional modules provide a view layer and some tools. To use the library simply include headers of the required modules and link your program against the libraries.

Each module has its own namespace. All namespaces and other declarations of the wc3lib belong to the global namespace wc3lib.

Check out http://wc3lib.org for further information.
Version date 2016-03-20
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