wc3lib  0.1.0
Editor module

The editor module contains many classes to emulate the original World Editor created by Blizzard Entertainment.

It's based on some plugins which can be used without the whole editor module functionality, as well.

Include file editor.hpp and use namspace wc3lib::edtor to use this module.

Resource classes derived from editor::Resource can be used to load Warcraft III date like textures (editor::Texture), models (editor::OgreMdlx) or maps (editor::Map).

Those wrapper classes provide load and save functionality based on the KIO API and considering editor::MpqPriorityList entries.


There is various plug-ins which allow you to load and save BLP textures in Qt/KDE GUIs and OGRE scenes and to access MPQ archives via KDE's KIO slave module:

World Editor Modules

The editor module provides some sub modules which offer all features of one single original World Editor module: