wc3lib  0.1.0

The core of the wc3lib is shared by all of its modules. It provides some basic functions and classes for exception handling, internationalisation and I/O operations as well as basic data types for Warcraft III formats.

Class Exception is the base class of all exceptions thrown by functions of the wc3lib.

Include i18n.hpp to use boost::format() and gettext macros for internationalisation of your program.

Class Format is the base class of all format related classes of the wc3lib. It supports some basic serialization member functions.

Include utilities.hpp to use many I/O stream functions heavily used by all supported format classes. Besides it includes many default components of the STL and the Boost C++ Libraries and provides some error/info output functions with human-readable messages.

Basic data types are provided as well which can be used for serialization as well as data access. Include vertex.hpp to use the vertex types. The following classes allow access to vertices of all kinds used in Warcraft III:

Colors are represented as well (color.hpp):