wc3lib  0.1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NblpBLP module
 NeditorEditor module
 NjassJASS module
 NmapMap module
 NmdlxMDLX module
 NmpqMPQ module
 CBasicVertexBasic type for N-dimensional vertex which can be serialized and deserialized
 CExceptionDefault exception class base which is used for all exception classes in wc3lib
 CFormatAbstract class for serializable file formats which supports basic I/O operations "read" and "write"
 CQuaternionProvides serialization for a quaternion
 CRgbBasic RGB color with storage and serialization support of three color channels
 CVertex2dProvides serialization for a two dimensional vertex
 CVertex3dProvides serialization for a three dimensional vertex
 CAstVisitorCollects all string references from a JASS AST